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Advisory Board

All schools and departments at Carnegie Mellon have advisory boards composed of professionals in the discipline as well as Carnegie Mellon trustees and alumni. These advisory boards are charged with visiting their respective departments as a group every three years to assess strengths and weaknesses, to evaluate needs for the future and to make recommendations to the school and the university president.

Advisory boards at Carnegie Mellon consist of up to a dozen carefully chosen external members, in addition to three to six members from the university's Board of Trustees. Advisory boards consist of persons of high accomplishment and distinction who can bring their considerable talents, experience and wisdom to bear on the challenging issues facing the university. They assist in evaluating strategic direction, solving problems, and achieving goals through visits every three or four years.

Advisory Boards ensure periodic self-anaylsis; provide independent assessment of the School to the President and Board of Trustees; serve as sources of information and advice; provide an effective means for faculty and students to contribute to university governance; help achieve a broader perspective; provide enhanced contacts to government, business, industry and academia; and assist the Board of Trustees in responsible governance and deeper understanding.

The current School of Art Advisory Board members are:

Mel Bochner
Artist and professor of Art, Yale University
New York, NY

Mel Chin
Burnsville, NC

Tod Johnson
Member, Carnegie Mellon Board of Trustees
CEO, The NPD Group
Port Washington, NY

Jill Kraus
CMU Alumna
Member, Carnegie Mellon Board of Trustees

Janet Kaplan
Professor of Art History, Moore College of Art
Philadelphia, PA

Steven Lavine
President, California Institute of the Arts
Valencia, CA

Regina Gouger Miller
Owner, Ginger and Spice
Reading, PA
Member, Carnegie Mellon Board of Trustees, CMU Alumna

Tom Sokolowski
Director of the Andy Warhol Museum
Pittsburgh, PA

2002 School of Art Advisory Board members:

  • Mary Ceruti (Long Island City, NY) , Executive Director, Sculpture Center
  • Mel Chin (Burnsville, NC) , Artist
  • Sara Diamond (Banff, Alberta, Canada) , Artistic Director, Banff Centre for the Arts
  • Janet Kaplan (Philadelphia, PA) , Editor of CAA Art Journal/Professor of Art History, Moore College of Art
  • Jill Gansmann Kraus* (New York, NY) , Carnegie Mellon University Trustee
  • Suzanne Lacy (Los Angeles, CA) , Artist/Chair of Fine Arts, Otis College of Art & Design
  • Regina Gouger Miller* (Reading,PA) , Carnegie Mellon University Trustee
  • Sabina Ott (San Francisco, CA) , Artist/Director of Graduate Program , San Francisco Art Institute
  • Barrie Dinkins Simpson* (Lafayette, IN) , Carnegie Mellon University Trustee
  • Thomas Sokolowski (Pittsburgh, PA) , Director, The Andy Warhol Museum
  • Paul Vanouse (Buffalo, NY) , Artist/Professor, University at Buffalo

1998 School of Art Advisory Board members:

  • Richard Armstrong (Pittsburgh, PA) Museum Director
  • Mel Chin (New York, NY) Artist
  • Maxwell Connan (Pittsburgh, PA) Carnegie Mellon University Trustee
  • Paul Glabicki* (Pittsburgh, PA) Artist/Professor
  • Mary Jane Jacob, (Chicago, IL) Curator
  • Jill Gansman Kraus* (New York, NY) Designer
  • Suzanne Lacy (Oakland, CA) Artist/Professor
  • Achim Lipp (Laatzem, Germany) Artist
  • Philip Pearlstein* (New York, NY) Artist
  • David Pease (New Haven, CT) Artist/Professor
  • Louis Scheimer* (Woodland Hills, CA) Film Producer|
  • Joyce Scott* (Vail, CO) Carnegie Mellon University Trustee
  • Barrie Simpson* (Lafayette, IN) Carnegie Mellon University Trustee
  • Konrad Weis (Pittsburgh, PA) Carnegie Mellon University Trustee

*Carnegie Mellon Alumni


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