Around 200 BFA and Interdisciplinary Art (BXA) majors, hailing from all over the United States, Canada and overseas, make up our undergraduate family. Students really move, inspire and constructively challenge each other both in and outside of the studio. Expression and mutual support are the name of the game here.

During and after their time at CMU, students actively exhibit their work and pursue residencies, fellowships and collaborative projects that reach far beyond the studio. Many undergraduates receive minors or even double major in other fields, and go on to obtain masters degrees not only in Fine Arts, but also in a variety of fields spanning business administration to environmental law.

Class of 2015

Marlena Abraham

Nicole Anderson

Sarah Anderson

MacKenzie Bates

Vanessa Branch

Melissa Bryan

Charles Burlingham

Daniel Campos Zamora

Stephanie Cheung

Sarah Croop

Connie Dai

Rosie Denton

Lisa Imas

Rika Keener

Mishq Laliwala

Kathy Lee

Dervla McDonnell

Laurel Michel-Schottman

Thomas Ndiaye

Katherine O’Connor

Justin Old

Laura Paik

Tyler Porten

Samuel N. Poulos

Taylor Preston

Jolyn Sanford

Luke Schenker

Veda Sun

Andrew Sweet

Samantha Ticknor

Ruby Yen-Ting Wang

Samantha Ward

Anna Wettergreen

Rachel Willen

Minnar Xie

Crystal Yip

Class of 2016

Zoe Ambinder

Estefania Arriaza

Jacqueline Barnes

Christin Bongiorni

Asya Borahan

Raquel Caticha

Lindsay Cavallo

Heather Cowie

Flora Csejtey

Jamie Earnest

Hannah Gaskill

Daniel Gatenio

Andrea Gershuny

Max Gonzales

Madalyn Gryge

Benjamin Hammer

Claire Hentschker

Jennifer Huang

Isabelle Jiang

Joseph Jung

Nivetha Kannan

Swetha Kannan

Daniel Kim

Junghyn (Ralph) Kim

Melanie Kim

Steven Kosovac

Sylvia Kosowski

Maryyann Landlord

Tate Leone

Emily Miller

Christian Murphy

Angelina Namkung

Maggy Navin

Seowon Oh

Lisa Park

Rachel Park

Paul Peng

Nicholas Sardo

Ticha Sethapakdi

Carolina Vogt

Alex Walker

Nicole Yoon

Class of 2017

Class of 2018


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